Will You Be Too Embarrassed to Wear Google Glass?

Will You Be Too Embarrassed to Wear Google Glass?

The arrival of the latest piece of technology on the market always causes a storm amongst tech geeks, and the impending launch of Google Glass is no exception. This piece of wearable tech promises to be revolutionary, but only if it captures the hearts and minds of the population as a whole. If it is not seen as cool, then it is unlikely to catch on, and this survey carried out by LoveMyVouchers.co.uk indicates that this may be possibility.
The group surveyed were asked a number of questions about Google Glass to gauge their opinions, including whether they thought the price was too high, whether they were concerned about privacy and security issues, and crucially, whether they would find it embarrassing to wear the item. The overall majority would not purchase Google Glass based on their responses to these questions.
So it remains to be seen whether these glasses are really going to take off, or whether they are going to join the likes of the Segway, Betamax and the Sinclair C5, and be straight for the rubbish heap.

This infographic was created to illustrate the results of the survey carried out by www.LoveMyVouchers.co.uk on 1132 of their newsletter subscribers to discover consumer opinions about the new piece of wearable tech due to be released this year, Google Glass.
Will You Be Too Embarrassed to Wear Google Glass?

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