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Wholesale call termination

Calliotel was started after seeing the need for termination of traffic. The company started after trying to place a customers 100 million minutes/month of traffic, however, no carrier would accept it. If there was a carrier to accept it, they would charge outrageous surcharges or initial fees! After starting the company and building relationships with hundreds of carriers, we have put the pieces of the puzzle together. We are proud to offer Termination for any type of traffic! After Calliotel started, we compiled hundreds of carriers and routes in aggregation along with our own direct routes.

We can accept any type of traffic through our Grand-Father contracts with tier-1 carriers, and ability to improve your quality of traffic on the fly! Our technology has allowed us to build up relationships with providers, to get you the lowest price, best quality, anything-goes Termination!

Unlimited growing potential

Tier-1 Carrier Grade Equipment

Excellent voice quality and price

#1 Coverage for the World, Guaranteed

Guaranteed CLI on all destinations

T38 faxing(with fallback to G711) is supported on all landline destinations

Failover/Redundant networks

Equipment for handeling any call volume(up to 13000 new calls per second)

No long-term contracts


In short, we make the phones ring

Are you a business migrating to a converged voice/data infrastructure or a wholesale customer serving customers around the world? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 5 years in the making, our platform successfully blends superior technical capabilities with cost efficient operation resulting in the optimum blend of quality and price. We separate the signaling streams and send your media directly to our gateways throughout our international network so that you experience the lowest audio latency possible, something the other guys don’t do. They advertise low ping times to their servers and hide most of the real delay by relaying your audio streams. We leverage our interconnections with top-tier, international carriers to provide high-quality routes at competitive wholesale prices. Shouldn’t you be able to rely on your VoIP network? We believe that you do. As a honest wholesale VoIP provider, we reward all our customers with the lowest rates possible. We like to keep things simple, so there is just one set of rates for all our customers. This means that no matter what size your traffic is, you will always receive the best rates that we can provide.


Want to know exactly what we’ve got before signing up? Contact us and try it out, free of charge!

Dialer traffic termination

We don’t terminate any kind of dialer traffic, but in today’s enviroment it get’s harder and harder for telemarketing companies to find a good place for their dialer traffic. Recently the FTC banned most unwanted voice broadcasting applications, but there are still plenty legit reasons to use autodialers and predictive dialers. With the difficulty in finding a solution for their dialer traffic, many companies look at a hosted dialer solution. However a hosted dialer is not always the best solution, that is why we have partnered with several small and bigger dialer traffic termination companies that are very willing to provide you with SIP termination for your dialers.

Please contact us and tell us as much details as you can with regards to your usage, ASR, ALOC, ACD etc. As we work with several different SIP termination partners, we need this information to find you the best fit.

Calliotel LLC
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