Video Conferencing – Do’s and Don’ts

Video Conferencing – Do’s and Don’ts

Using video conferencing is a great way to connect with your employees or employers across the miles. You can easily have a conference and get items cleared up no matter where you are. There are some ideas you need to keep in mind whenever you are getting ready for your conference. You will find a few do’s and don’ts that will help you to have great video conferencing etiquette here. Take a look at these ideas and remember them on the next conference you have. They will help you be productive and add conferencing solutions to your future calls.

Do Be Polite

Remember that you should always introduce yourself when speaking. People on the conference may or may not know who you are. Be sure to take time to learn the other speakers and address them by name as well. Practice basic etiquette rules and do not interrupt people speaking. Whether you are in the room with them or across the video line, you need to be polite to everyone in the conference.

Turn off the Cell Phone

When you are on a video conference you should not have your cell phone on or using it for messages. Be sure it is muted so that your full attention can be on the video conference unless otherwise needed. You want to avoid texting others while you are on the conference. This can be considered quite rude and seems as if you are not paying attention to the one speaking.

Do Speak Clear

Make sure to speak clear and enunciate as sometimes video lines do not transmit well. You want to be sure others can understand you and do not have to ask you to repeat yourself. Be sure to make your points clear and precise to cut down on wasted time.

Do Not Shout

While it may seem you need to talk louder for people to hear you, make sure you are not shouting. That can come off quite rude and it can be hard for people to understand what you are saying. Talk with normal tones and try to make sure you are close to the microphone. You do not have to shout to be heard.

Avoid Side Conversations

When you are on a video conference you want to avoid having side conversations with others in the room with you. It is distracting to those in the room and those on the video call. Make sure your attention is focused where it should be.

Maintain Eye Contact

Whether a video camera or the person in front you, always maintain good eye contact. They can see you on the other end just as you can see them. Be sure to maintain that good eye contact at all times.

Leave the Loud Jewelry At Home

For those who wear jewelry, consider the noise it may make when you move. Chances are you will not be sitting still the entire conference. Be sure it is not too distracting when you move around.

Do Avoid Distracting Colors

Another item to consider is the clothes you will wear to the office that day. When you wear bright colors, red or black it can transmit odd over the video. It can be unclear and distort the image. Remember to be considerate with your clothing choices to make sure it transmits clear and easy.


These are just a few items to consider when you are on a video conference. Make sure to check your audio on your system so you are clearly heard. Also remember your etiquette rules for speaking with others. Always introduce yourself before speaking and never interrupt others. You can easily have a smooth and productive video call when you remember these rules.


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Tess Young is a content creator by passion. With her interest on the impact of VoIP technology in the business industry, she suggests to the small business that video conferencing is the best choice for business communication.

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  1. Some great tips here, hope to see more small businesses using video conferencing software soon as many are missing out on the huge benefits that it can offer 🙂