Top Must-Have Educational Android Apps

Top Must-Have Educational Android Apps

If you think Android apps are only for games and fun, then you’re greatly mistaken. With hundreds of apps being developed for educational purposes, owning an Android-powered device has never been this beneficial. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you are a student the Google Play Store has something for you. So head to the Play Store, pick ‘Education’ from the Apps Category and explore the world of possibilities.

1. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free – be a linguist with this cool android app. Duolingo is probably the highest rated app under the Education’s top free category at the Google Play Store. This app is designed to help users learn new languages such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. There is also a community for users where they can discuss tips and problems regarding the lessons with fellow users worldwide.

2. Dictionary – Leading dictionary providers like Merriam-Webster and Oxford have dictionary applications available for Android users for free. Most dictionary applications can work without Internet connection although some features such as Wikipedia articles; word of the day, and the like would require connection to the network. The app is useful for polishing vocabulary and fast searches for words and phrases. Definitely a must-have for students.

3. Calculator – Hate computing manually? Worry no more because Google Play Store has a solution for you. Simple calculators up to advanced scientific calculators are available for free. Depending on the function you need, there are various types of calculators that you can download. For instance, there are Financial Calculators, Graphing Calculator, BMI Calculator, Currency Calculator, and Electrical Calculators.

4. Planner – No more forgetting projects and homework with this cool app for Android. Planner apps like myHomework Student Planner, To-Do Calendar Planner, and Schedule Planner are helpful for students to track their assignments, tasks, and projects. Other purposes like those of financial planning and budgeting also have their own planner applications. Users can choose from a wide range of planner apps for various purposes like Travel, Food, Wedding, Birthday, Schedule, Assignment, and a lot more.

5. Microsoft Office Tutorials – Be an ‘office’ geniusin no time with this useful app.Tutorial applications for popular Microsoft Office programs like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store. If you’re an MS Office beginner then this app is definitely a must-have.

6. Flashcards Helper – Students can easily review their notes and save time by letting the Flashcards Helper apps do the card making and shuffling for them. Reviewing and studying on the go gets a new look through this fun app. There are also premade flashcards available in these apps for those common subjects, topics, and exams such as SATs.

7. Quiz Maker – Reviewing has never been this fun. With quiz maker app, students can make their own dummy quiz and prepare themselves for that much dreaded exam. Just input all the information or coverage of the exam and let the application make the random questions for you to answer.

8. English Grammar Book – Studying English Grammar on the go is possible with the English Grammar Book. Necessary information like sample sentences and descriptions are included in the app for student’s easy reference.

9. Math Practice Flash Cards – Math may not be your most favorite subject but with this helpful app you can deal with it in style.With thousands of sample problems and solutions, you can have all the practice that you want so that you’ll be able to shed off your fear of numbers and finally ace that dreadful Math exam.


Aside from academic related applications, extra-curricular apps for learning instruments and art are also available in the Google Play Store. The ‘Learn Guitar Chords app’ for instance is a free app that guides users on the basic guitar chords, helping them learn to play the guitar. Other educational apps include learning the colors, exam reviewers, drawing challenges, and the like.

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