There are lots of options available with Tablet covers

There are lots of options available with Tablet covers

Android tablets runs on Linux based operating system – Android, which is highly popular due to being extremely customizable and open source. Another factor contributing to the popularity of these tablets is their architecture that is based on the low cost ARM processors. Like any tablet computer, these tablets provide multiple functionality including, the display made up of capacitive touch-screen, the processing circuit and board, battery, microphone etc. all in one piece of device. These tablets were gradually powered with other handy utilities like wireless communication, Bluetooth, Handwriting recognition, accelerometer and GPS satellite tracking functionalities. Now these devices are also supporting attachable keyboards, stylus and high speed USB ports. Major electronic appliance players of the world today are manufacturing high quality android based tablets including Samsung, Asus, Google and many more in the list. The popular tablets of the category are offered in the range of 6” to 11” inch sizes. Along with high sales of tablets, there is also a great demand for Android tablet cases and covers. Now cases and covers are available for almost all sizes and models of tablets. Some manufactures launch exclusive tablet covers for popular range of tablets like Galaxy and Nexus. There are lots of options available with Tablet covers like Hard Case covers, Slim-fit folio covers, Rotating table cover, shockproof table cases, sleeve cases etc. Some of the most selling covers are described as below-

“PU Leather” or Bicast Leather made Android tablet cases are best known for their Leather like finish and feel, which is obtained due to the use of split leather polyurethane layers. Best thing about using the PU Leather Table covers is that they are easy available at very low prices and are quite durable too. It is very easy to maintain them and keep them cleaner. Most of the Tablet covers manufactures use PU Leather to make tablet cases.

“With-Keyboard” Android tablet cases are in great demand nowadays, due to typing made easy by using these inbuilt keyboards in the tablet cover itself. It is quite difficult to write for long hours and large text, just by touch keyboard options of Android Tablets. By using the “With-Keyboard” tablet covers, you can convert your tablet into easy typing machine and write for long hours. Also these Tablet covers are quite tough in built that give added benefit of protection.

“Pouch” Android tablet cases are another great option when you want to carry your android tablet in your handbag, travel bag or any business luggage. Due to their small and handy built they give ample protection to your android tablet from scratches and dust. They are also very low in cost as compared to other tablets covers available. Pouch type Tablet covers’ are easily available in variety of exciting colors options.

“Silicone TPU” Android tablet cases are made from material that is a hybrid mixture of soft silicone and hard plastic. That results in making up of very tough and smooth rubber like material which is used to make transparent and durable android covers. Silicone TPU android tablet covers are also available in transparent as well as in vivid colors to choose from.

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