The Expanding Android Market: Opportunities for Apps developers

The Expanding Android Market: Opportunities for Apps developers

The smartphones industry is enjoying sustainable and lucrative boom in the current market and has been able to steal the attention of business owners, employees and customers equally. Formerly, the Smartphone market was dominated by Apple and Blackberry, of which Apple prominently had an upper hand. It was until recently when Apple dominance has been challenged by Samsung smartphones. Though, Samsung has not been able to reach the same customer pool milestone as that of Apple, it is still a threat to the market position and customer lot of Apple. Recently, the number of Samsung applications has gone wild and its production rate has outranked that of the iPhone applications. This is because of the reason that Samsung is determinant and amenable to spend a large amount just to beat its supreme rival. This has open great development market for Android developers, and many developers have been seen switching from their Apple platform to that of the Android.

Another factor of motivation for the android apps developer is the ease of the operating system platform. A number of developers have remarked that the programming nature and SDK of android is simpler and easy to get command on than that of the iPhone. For this reason, it is not a big problem for apps developers who have worked on iPhone platform to switch to the emerging and more demanding OS of android. Furthermore, Androids is supported by Google, which is a giant in itself. For this reason, Google supports and funds a number of applications that promise to boost the sales and market of the android mobile phones and other devices. There is also a platform that has been established in the joint cooperation of Google and Samsung to train developers regarding android apps and its multiple features. The basic training is just free of cost and can be gained anytime by visiting the official web page of android. This also tells that Google is trying its level best to outrank the sales and market position of Apple products, and for that it is targeting customers and developers simultaneously.

A very fine clear demarcation that exists between android and iPhone apps is that the majority of android apps are free of cost while this is simply the opposite for iPhone apps. This is one major reason why customers are more willing to access or play android developed apps over the iPhone apps, as they do not require paying any money for the app. The design and theme style also changes due to this as android app developers are required to make enough room in the application for advertisements and other banners that will be attached to the application home page. By this method, the developers earn money indirectly as directly revenue from customers is not generated in most of the cases. This also sheds light to one problem for the android developers that those who are not sponsored by any external source have to put efforts to get some sponsors so that they can get the return of their efforts and investment.


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