The Benefits Of Call Centres: Making The Most Of Customer Service

The Benefits Of Call Centres: Making The Most Of Customer Service

The importance of having a call centre in an effort to retain existing customers is revealed by the profitability of retaining existing customers can give a business. The Yankee Group has been quoted saying that it can be 6-7 times cheaper to retain an existing customer than to find a new one. Additionally, by keeping 5% more of your existing customers can boost profits by up to 100%. An effective call centre can help a company interact with a client to keep them happy and more willing to stay with the same company.

What are some of the Key Benefits of Having a Call Centre?

Having a call centre set up in your company gives various benefits in terms of better customer service. Being able to service a customer at 9pm means a lot to a customer. Oftentimes, a customer doesn’t want to wait to resolve an issue and the longer they wait the more likely they will find other services to fulfil their needs. By using call centre software, call response times can be greatly reduced which is important because most clients want a response within one minute. Call centre software can help to create a unified approach to dealing with customers which will improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the customer support. This will lead to happier customers and a happy customer has no reason to move to another company. Another important benefit is that a company is able to record calls and review calls where the customer wasn’t fully satisfied in order to improve your customer relations. Predictive dialling can allow for outbound calls to be as effective as possible by easily flagging leads that are not worth calling and focusing on leads that are.

Customer Feedback

By being in direct contact with customers, it is easy to find out what is that they like and don’t like about the way the company is run. This information can be used to improve areas that the customers are complaining about while keeping the areas that customers are happy with running effectively. It can be considered free market research which is crucial to the continued success of a company.

Skill Based Routing

It is possible with call centre software to have an idea of what kind of customer is on the other side of the line, such as home language, in order to use an appropriate agent to service them. This will often lead to greater customer satisfaction as well as better call turn-around times. Skills can be assigned to an agent on the system and then the call can be automatically routed to an available agent with the best skill set to handle a particular customer.

Dead Time

With the use of professional call centre software, the dead time can be considerably cut down which improves the overall profitability of the call centre. The dead time refers to the time it takes for agents to dial numbers, searching through lists of numbers and make notes while not on the line with a customer. During the dead time, no benefits for the company are happening; therefore, cutting down on the dead time can help increase the cost effectiveness of a call centre.

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  2. Indeed, there are some very important benefits call centers offer when it comes to customer service. Nothing beats a well-trained, caring group of dedicated agents serving clients in pretty much every need. And this can be done round the clock, each day of the year. Not only do clients get served in the best way possible, even the business owner offering the service gets the most cost-effective way to run his enterprise.