“SIP”ify Your Communications Network: Let Your Business soar high with SIP Trunk

“SIP”ify Your Communications Network: Let Your Business soar high with SIP Trunk

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an amenity that links an organization’s PBX to the already existing framework of Public Switched Telephone Networks or Circuit Switched telephone Networks via Internet employing the VoIP paradigms. It is a service being provided by many Internet Telephony Service Providers. SIP Trunk is a network interface device that identifies and catches SIP signals and then organizes these signals on other SIP hardwares.

Why to use SIP Trunks enabled communications?

SIP Trunking is a technology that has the capability to metamorphose and transform the organizational communications framework. Owing to the number of benefits offered by this revolutionary technology, more and more industrial set ups are adapting SIP Trunks for their industry based communications. Below is a broad overview of some of the most important benefits of SIP Trunking.

1. User focused communications

SIP smartly establishes a connection between communicating parties on the basis of their potential and their disposition to indulge in a communication bout. Besides this, it also takes into consideration the preferences of the concerned parties based on the specifications woven around parameters like the type of caller, time of day, desired mode of communications and more. All these tasks are performed by SIP through Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol.

SIP also has the capability of “smart bifurcation”. SIP is capable of directing a communications session to the concerned person by utilizing the right channels of data, voice and video on an authentic device.

SIP routes concerned communications to a specific user through the mode of SIP AOR (Address of Record). SIP AOR generates Uniform Resource Identifier which helps in the routing of calls to the concerned user.

2. Inexhaustible scalability

Irrespective of the magnitude of the business or the current situation of the existing communication infrastructure, SIP Trunk is efficient in managing the needs and budget of the desired Unified Communications.

SIP Trunk based communications can be adopted in any class of organization ranging from the small scale ones to the larger ones. SIP trunk can be implemented either by facilitating the legacy PBX with VoIP and more specifically Trunks or by replacing the existing PBX with an altogether new SIP enabled set up. SIP can be easily scaled to any degree and thus aid in the future enlargement of the business.

3. End user adaptability

The users have a number of options to choose among the variety of devices available for communications. Users can make a choice among desk phone, softphone on a PC or mobile phone and can get connected with a SIP-based communications easily.

For example- There is an employee who travels a lot. If he is using the facility of SIP Trunking, all the calls coming on the phone at his desk will be routed on his mobile phone. This will allow him to never miss a call and make the callers realize as if he is sitting at his desk.

Besides this, SIP also provides the facilities like conferencing, call transfer, etc., and it further conveys these facilities to the other devices available to the user at his current location.

4. Simple conformity and acquiescence

It is comparatively easy to set up and regulate SIP Trunking. Not only this, it is rich in advanced features like voice mail, voice and video conferencing, call forwarding, etc.

5. Exceptional tenacity

SIP ensures the continuity of a business when any disaster strikes. It works by safeguarding the real time communications which are very essential for the survival of any business. Cloud based communications via SIP ensures the disaster recovery and availability of business continuity plans.

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