Simple Tips to Improve Your Office

Simple Tips to Improve Your Office

Office life is full of challenges. Simply staying focused and productive can seem like a full-time job all on its own. Other challenges can include maintaining great morale in the workplace and creating a thriving culture of friendship and cooperation, both during work hours and after.

Improving your office, and the time you spend there, can sometimes be as simple as tweaking your workflow, or somewhat more involved, such as investing in new technology or even rearranging the layout of your furniture. Below are some tips to get you started if you want to reenergize your office and the way you work.

Stay Organized

Probably the simplest way to improve office life is to renew your commitment to staying organized. Make a point to remove the clutter from your desk at the next opportunity, and then commit to keeping it clear; youll thank yourself later when youre suddenly able to find what youre looking for, right when you need it. You might even invest in drawer organizers or a hanging file box, for taking your organizational skills to the next level.

Improve Your Tech

If your office has been getting by with ancient telephone systems or laughably outdated computers, you may be amazed at how much happier and more efficient you and your co-workers will be if you make a few simple upgrades. If your budget allows for it, upgrade the workstations in the office (or at least upgrade to the latest operating system), and take a look at your communication technology. VoIP systems can go a long way toward boosting your communication within the office and without.

Spend Time Together Outside the Office

Maintaining great employee relationships can be hugely beneficial for any company that struggles with productivity, engagement, and morale. While nobody really enjoys forced team-building exercises or mandatory company retreats, you should make a point of inviting co-workers to hang out informally after work is done for the day. Gather somewhere public, such as a pub or a restaurant, where drinks and laughs can be shared. Youll start to see barriers coming down, and without even realizing it, your co-workers will become better able to work together naturally and efficiently.


While theres a certain comfort in routine, repetition, and familiarity, sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to improve life in the office. You dont need to rearrange the furniture every week, but on some kind of regular basis, allow for minor alterations to the floor plan. You dont necessarily need to break out the Feng Shui books, but even minor changes, such as altering the layout of furniture in the break room, can help us break out of the feeling that were stuck in an unchanging cycle.

Offer Incentives

The average employee in the average office tends to struggle with engagement. It can start to feel as though their endless hours of dutiful work make no difference, or go unappreciated. If you have the means to do so, try to offer incentives for employees who go above and beyond the call of duty, or who work particularly efficiently. Incentives can be materialistic, such as bonuses or prizes, or could be something as simple as offering additional paid breaks, or the chance to take part in a dress casualday.

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