Online Fax Vs. Traditional Fax: Which Is Better?

Online Fax Vs. Traditional Fax: Which Is Better?

The days of having to have a dedicated fax machine for sending hard copy documents has evolved over time due to the majority of documents being digitally created and stored. This is why many opt to use online fax services to send documents as it is a fast and convenient option for some. However, many wonder whether online faxing is better than traditional faxing as both produce the same end result. Knowing the pros and cons of both options will help you make the right choice.

Online Faxing Pros and Cons

One of the top benefits of online faxing is that one does not need to access and print documents from a computer for faxing. The documents can simply be added to the online fax by attaching them as files or even dragging and dropping them via the online fax program. This makes faxing much more convenient and is a top option when one does not send a lot of faxes or the faxes sent are lengthy. This is because the online fax can handle many more pages compared to a traditional fax machine that may only be able to handle a certain number of pages per fax.

The other benefit is that the online fax option uses the internet connection as the method of sending the fax and thus a dedicated fax line is not required. The major downfall to online faxing is that when the internet is down or running slow, faxes may not go through or be delayed in sending which is not always optimal for time sensitive documents.

Traditional Faxing Pros and Cons

A traditional fax machine is still a preferred method for many as the majority of them do double duty and can also act as scanners and copiers for small jobs. This adds another benefit to the traditional fax machine that is not found when using an online fax service or program. The use of a traditional fax is also one of the top ways one can verify immediately that a fax went through as fax machine generate reports showing the success of faxes.

It is also the right option for those types of businesses or operations that fax documents and paperwork that is not generated via a computer such as forms and invoices which are handwritten and signed. In fact, such documents would need to be scanned and saved in order to use an online fax but can simply be fed through a traditional fax machine. The downfall in terms of a traditional fax is that is typically works best with a dedicated line that costs money and also requires maintenance and upkeep of the machine itself.


The right choice is the one that matches the way in which business operations are run routinely. In fact, many have found that giving some people online faxing abilities and still having a traditional fax machine on hand is the best option as it satisfies the needs of everyone. This is also a great option as it gives a backup option for faxing since both ways are always ready to be used when the need arises.

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