Modify Home Screen of Android Phone

Modify Home Screen of Android Phone

The Android operating system is probably the most customizable system available today. Compared to other OS which are limited by available options or limited by the manufacturer, Android OS gives owners the freedom to make their device truly their own. The home screen is no exception, and the possibilities are limitless.

The most basic modification for the Android phone is the wallpaper. Tap and hold on a free space on the screen and you will be shown a home screen menu, giving you options to set the wallpaper and others. Tap wallpaper and you will see the choices from the built-in wallpapers, live wallpapers, and photos from the gallery. It is worth noting that live wallpapers can drain your battery. The choice is still yours though; just tap on the background that you want.

What’s more? You can also organize the apps according to your preference by putting them together in one folder, at a maximum of 16 apps for each. Imagine being able to compress 20 folders in one home screen; that is a total of 320 apps in one place; now multiply that by the number of home screens you have on your phone. To do this, tap and hold an app of your choice then drag it on top of another app. You can keep doing this to put your apps in one place. When you are done, you can rename the folder by tapping on it then tapping on the Unnamed Folder text. The keyboard automatically pops up so you can change its name.

Also called mini apps, widgets can be placed in the home screen, too. Widgets give you a preview of the weather, news, emails, Facebook or Twitter updates; just about any popular app in Google Play Store has a corresponding mini application. The installed widgets can be found on the widgets tab of your app drawer. Look around for the ones that you want to see on your home screen so that you no longer have to go to the app drawer to launch the widget or app. Just tap and hold your widget of choice then drag it to the home screen.

Bear in mind that the wallpaper, folders and widgets only cover the stock Android home screen. There are other ways to modify it. This demonstrates the infinite possibilities for the customization of your phone.

The regular Android phone user may not be aware of it, but the home screen itself is an app; it is an application designed to launch other apps, hence the name app launcher. If you are new to Android, search for app launcher on the Play Store and you’ll be surprised by the huge number of available app launchers. Several choices can be found which means you are not stuck with your traditional home screen for the rest of your life. It may be hard to believe but some aftermarket app launchers can work faster than your stock ‘app launcher’, and even look better doing so.

Third party app launchers are UIs that are programmed to work just as good as the native user interface, if not better. The functions to manage the home screen, shortcuts, wallpaper, and widgets can all be done by other app launchers. This might become too much of a task for the non-techie crowd but if you are willing to learn and want to make the most of your Android phone, you cannot find a more exciting gadget tweaking activity.

With all this level one knowledge, it cannot be denied that the Android OS offers the user a level of freedom in customization that other operating systems cannot match. So go ahead, start researching and make your phone unique in every way. You may also get help at .

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