How VoIP Is Taking Place in the Communication World

How VoIP Is Taking Place in the Communication World

Like flying, faster communication has been a dream of mankind for many decades. In today’s society, it is easy to see that there is a wide range of different communication methods that are available. A lot of these methods will use the traditional telephone line in order to make calls or send messages. These can include things like fax machines and more. There are other ways, however, which are now becoming a lot more popular. These methods will often use the Internet in order to transmit information as opposed to a traditional, analog phone line. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol transmits the voice (and sometimes image) over the Internet in order to ensure that there is a secure form of communication between two parties. There are a lot of other benefits that this particular method of communication is bringing to people. Let us look at what this can end up bringing to you in the future.

The Increase in Use

VoIP usage is increasing by leaps and bounds. With improvement in technology, connectivity and ease of use, more and more people have started switching over of VoIP. It is estimated that by end of 2014, nearly 45% of all companies in the US will have IP only communication system, and would have abandoned their PSTN connections completely.

The increase in use means that people are better connected than ever.

The Benefits for Businesses

Businesses, without a doubt, have decided to take advantage of VoIP simply because of the enormous benefit that this brings to them. With Unified Communications, your communication system suddenly integrates data and video with voice. You can strengthen your conversation with data sent in real time. Unified Communication gives you a number of ways to keep in touch such as instant messaging, voice mail, etc.

In terms of business, you will find that your customer response will improve tremendously. You will never miss a call. With find-me, follow-me feature, you can take call in your car or at home. If there is an issue, you can call your client or vendor and resolve the issue immediately.

None of these need any sophisticated hardware or software. When you install a IP Telephony system, or subscribe to a cloud based system, all these features become available to you with your existing computers, phones and network.

Internally, VoIP allows you to keep your employees working together with ease. Since you are connected to the Net all the time when you are working, your presence is easily visible to everyone with whom you have shared your ID. Thus if I need to talk to you, or get some clarification, all I do is to ping you and get connected to you.

Mobile VoIP

Another form of VoIP that has become particularly successful is mobile VoIP. With applications that simulate your desk IP Phone on your smart phone, you can take a VoIP call from any place on earth. All you need is data connectivity on your mobile phone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your idea. I am absulotely agree with you regarding trend of VoIP. Right, in telecommunication sector VoIP make a rebelutionary change. There are some reson behind that make VoIP telephoney so popular, such as the improvement of modern technology, cost effeciency, easy and flexibility to manage and finally smartness. Mobile VoIP is another great advancement in telecommunication sector, I think.
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