How to Track Your Children’s Activity on Facebook and Twitter

How to Track Your Children’s Activity on Facebook and Twitter

Children are getting more tech savvy in the modern world of mobile technology. While parents are getting a lot of benefits from using mobile devices in communicating with their children, allowing your kids to use a mobile device can expose them to some unexpected threats that come from the social media, especially with the increasing rate of cyberbullying among children that can take place from Facebook and Twitter. It is a major concern for parents to exercise some degree of parental control and monitoring on their children’s Facebook and Twitter account and thanks to these modern mobile applications that can be installed on a child’s mobile device, it is possible to do so. The following mobile applications can help parents to efficiently monitor their children’s Facebook and Twitter account with ease and with a better peace of mind.


This mobile spy software is capable of monitoring the various social media accounts of your child from their mobile phone. Parents can easily install and download the application on their child’s device and be able to view all the social activities of their children remotely without nagging their children by asking nosy questions about their social media friends and activities. Netspysoftware allows parents to get direct information regarding how their children use and manage their social media accounts, view their social media friends as well as any files and messages that are being exchanged from Facebook and Twitter. With the first hand knowledge that the software can provide to parents, it is easier to keep them in the loop about their children’s Facebook and Twitter activities in real time without the need to ask permission from their children to get access on their Facebook and Twitter account.

Mama Bear

This mobile application can also put parents at ease by giving them the ability to monitor their child’s social media profile and activities. It helps parents to save the time and worry by keeping them updated about the latest social media activities of their children by configuring the app to send them alerts whenever their children gets tagged on a photo and whenever they add new friends on their social media network. With the app, parents will learn immediately whether their child is being abused in their Facebook and other social media accounts.

Go Go Stat Parental Guidance

From the mobile app dashboard, parents can instantly view what their child is posting on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is also possible to get an email alert whenever some of their kid’s friends post something on their profile that contains some foul language that can be a significant concern for parents. The application however may have some downside as it requires your child’s approval to link the app to their Facebook account.

Eye Guardian

This mobile app provides parents the monitoring ability to view their children’s social media account on Facebook. It is possible for the user to view the messages that are exchanged on their account, including the photos that their child is tagged in. Parents can also gain access to the privacy setting of their children’s social media account and sends regular reports on significant activities that are taking place in it.

Net Nanny

This mobile application helps parents to gain access to their children’s social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook to help protect children from becoming prey to sexual predators, privacy issues and cyberbullying. It is easier to view and monitor any updates that are taking place from the child’s social media account such as the photos they are tagged in, newly accepted friends and their latest posts. It has comprehensive coverage over several other social media accounts like Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr that gives parents better parental control in monitoring their children’s social media accounts.

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