How to Make Your VoIP Website More Mobile-Friendly

How to Make Your VoIP Website More Mobile-Friendly

There are two basic strategies for building your VoIP website that display well on all devices: responsive and adaptive!

No business can afford to ignore the fact that more than a billion people primarily access the Web from mobile devices. Even if you’re not ready to rebuild your site for optimal display on all devices, at least take one of the following two steps:

1. Simplify your site design.

2. Create a mobile version of your site.


As an alternative to editing your website, you can create a parallel version, using mobile-site-design services, many of which are free or low cost. But there are tradeoffs. If your mobile site has a second URL, such as one with a .m subdomain, search engines may or may not find it. Both Bing and Google advocate a one-URL approach for findability and search engine optimization. Still, if you love your site or can’t afford to rebuild it, creating a mobile site that links to your main site isn’t the worst strategy. The worst strategy is to ignore your mobile audience altogether.

Try to view our site from your mobile device, we are also mobile friendly 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    Mobiles and smart phones are growing rapidly and researches shows the increase traffic and even sales from smart phones, so if you are not consider a mobile version for your VoIP website then you are losing customers each day, also another recommendation is to have your own VoIP mobile app, Thanks for sharing your tips and recommendation.
    Qasim recently posted…How to Get the Most out of Enterprise VoIPMy Profile

    • Thank you for your comment Qasim! You are right, everybody should think about “going mobile friendly”.

  2. well written article! Thanks again! I used NowMobileME to create my site…check them out

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