How IoT and Big Data are Revolutionizing Mobile App Development

How IoT and Big Data are Revolutionizing Mobile App Development

Smartphone use has become ubiquitous over the last ten years. Consumers and businesses now use apps to solve all sorts of problems. However, many of us do not appreciate the many ways apps have changed over this time. The business of iPhone app development has come a long way, and this has opened up all sorts of opportunities for businesses.

While there has been a lot of change over the years, Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two factors driving much of the change today. Big Data refers to the incredible amounts of data being collected and IoT refers to the many devices that now connect to the internet. Just to get an idea of how fast this network is growing, consider the fact that there were 27 billion connected devices in 2017 and that number is expected to increase to 125 billion by 2030.

With Big Data processing and analyzing the information and IoT collecting so much of the data, these two factors often feed into each other. This is changing the way apps are made and it is helping developers to create products and services that can serve businesses and consumers better.

Resolving Performance Issues

Big Data can track the way large volumes of users interact with different apps. It can gather information on the pages people like, the way they use those pages and if they are experiencing issues with the app. This makes it easier to find glitches and design flaws that can cause problems for users. With a better ability to remediate issues, developers can make sure the app is meeting the needs of users and prevent them from abandoning the mobile app.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The real-time insights from combining IoT and Big Data can offer powerful predictive abilities. With these insights, developers can see potential market changes as they happen or even gain an edge by seeing them ahead of time. This allows the developer to make adjustments to meet the needs of the changing market before the time has passed. With these insights, businesses could gain an edge by betting out in front of competitors.

Boosting Engagement

Big Data and IoT can help businesses learn a lot about their customers. When you see how they behave at different stages of the user experience, you can gain insights that will help you create a more engaging experience. You could also see how different segments react to different marketing materials, sales or app features. This can be useful for building an app that keeps users coming back.

Developing Custom Apps

With millions of apps on the market, developers face tough competition. If you want your app to make a difference, it needs to stand out from other apps that may offer similar services. With Big Data and IoT, developers can learn about what users want from different types of apps, the features they like and the goals they are trying to achieve. This information can then be used in the development process to create an app that sets itself apart from the competition.

Going International 

Taking your app to a global market is not as simple as it may sound. Beyond just making the app available in app stores in other countries, you need to consider the process of app localization. You need to make sure the app translates well for other countries and you also need to consider the cultural differences in other regions. With IoT and Big Data, you can process region-specific data to learn about different markets. You can see how international users interact with the app and adapt the experience for different countries. 

Mobile apps will continue to take on larger roles for consumers and businesses. As these apps get smarter and more intuitive, they will only become more important. With much of this shift being driven by Big Data and IoT, the developers that fail to adapt will fall behind and their apps will not fare well.

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