How do Data Breaches Occur?

How do Data Breaches Occur?

When you can work to identify the sources of a data breach or cyber attack on your important information you will be able to make sure that your system is secure moving forward. In addition to outside agents and malicious groups, data breaches may also be perpetrated by your employees or other company insiders. Business partners or state-affiliated actors might also play a role and some attacks involve individuals from multiple groups. Malware, hacking or privilege misuse and abuse are just a few of the ways that these attacks occur and each can be very devastating to your infrastructure. More often that not, attackers are motivated by potential profits and go after private information such as social security numbers, addresses and payment information in order to use it for themselves later. Learn more about data breaches so you can begin to secure your business by reading through the infographic provided below.

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How do Data Breach Occur?

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