Google will skip the pagerank update?

Google will skip the pagerank update?

Are you waiting for the next Google Pagerank Update? The short answer is yes 🙂

It is nearly the middle of Aug 2013 and we still haven’t had the expected Google PageRank Update. The PR update that we expected back in May still hasn’t arrived. Google has delayed the PageRank update before and hasn’t actually explained why.
Lots of questions going around like- When will be the next pagerank update?, When Google will update pagerank?
A lot of bloggers are searching for the answers for these questions. But what if Google decided to skip this expected PR update?
The third pagerank update is scheduled in the beginning of October, 2013!
What do you think? What will happen if Google skips the second “planned” PR update?
I would happy to hear your thoughts!
As you may know, there is no any official state for its next PageRank update. Google usually takes 3 months to update PageRank from its last update.
But again, what happens if Google will skip the PageRank update this time? Another interesting article you may want to read:


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  1. It was last updated a long time ago, i waiting and waiting and check my pagerank daily. I suggest a good historical pagerank checker tool:

    • Hopefully the next Pagerank update will happen in the beginning of September. At least 70% of the webmasters hoping for the same 🙂

  2. Same here… waiting for an update since early this year !
    Loosing hope bit by bit 🙂

  3. I`ve been waiting patiently for the PR update which is well over due. I personall think Google will start to only roll out two pagerank updates a year and eventually thase it out over the next couple of years.

    It annoy`s why Google are being so tight lipped about it, as I use it a metric to rate websites as do millions of savvy web users.

    Google really annoy me at times.
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  4. Thank you very much for this usefull information

  5. It’s so sad to see PageRank update is so far behind. While many say PR doesn’t matter that much they still count it in as one of the factors used to determine how much money they will spend on promotion or advertising in general. For a hard working folk it’s disappointing to see his/her work unrewarded yet..

  6. Thanks for sharing the info which is needed by all the webmasters .

  7. Google’s page rank is very important, I am in difficulty in understanding why google has delayed page rank
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  8. PR is important, yes.
    Meanwhile Web Usability is very important which we are focused on.

  9. Ryan,

    I fully agree with you, thank you for your comment.
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  10. Yes I have noticed that I am working on a website since last 3 months but till now no update in website page rank. I am little worried about that.

  11. Google sucks. Doing in the pagerank cause they screwed up their system.

  12. My Alexa has improved so much, But just because Google is not Updating PR, my Blog is suffering so much 🙁

    Googlee sometimes really Sucks
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  13. I don’t this Google really stops Page Rank updation. Few months back they update their latest Page Rank update and my website rank get increased by 1.