Early signs of a possible Google Pagerank update

Did you notice a significant change in  your Google organic traffic over the past few days? Well, I’m seeing some early signs of a possible Google Pagerank update! We have few sites, each getting between 7k-80k unique visitors per day. I’m seeing some radical ups and downs for few individual pages, but overall traffic and Google referrals still looks at least 30% better! With one tweak Google can destroy a business…. and with one click, it can get billions. Google is considered to be more evil with each update, but some guys think that Google is against SEO. Google should love SEO as that is the only way they can understand  what your site is all about. But there are some changes that I have noticed!


It’s weird seeing that lots of website pages that don’t have anything to do with a searched term can rank much better that yours. The search engine collected a lot of spam content? That could be the case I guess. You can also see a lot of big websites and large brands with really ancient websites now ranking above you. And several low-quality blogspot sites topping the SERP, of course with unoriginal and copied content. Unless we can make enough noise so that someone at Google takes a look, we may not hear anything more about this…

Something major is going on!


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  1. You were lucky then. I have lost around 60% of my traffic. Haven’t changed anything, there was no crappy backlinks, no messages in Webmaster tools. I’m totally shocked.

  2. Pagerank has nothing to do with traffic. A website with a high pagerank is not guaranteed to outrank a site with a lower pagerank or generate more traffic. The traffic or rank fluctuations may have something to do with an google algorithm update or refresh that is being rolled out at the moment though…this is completely different to pagrank.

  3. Toolbar PR is just one thing. Only marketers and link farms are waiting for the update. It is just about who have a bigger “e-penis”. Play the good old natural way, and the results will come!

  4. I bet Bing will come up with its own page rank soon
    Robert recently posted…Accounts OutsourcingMy Profile

  5. I observed similar hike in traffic but only lasted for one week and then disappeared.

  6. Prem,

    Same here! I see spikes in my traffic graphs every day, during EST business hours. Maybe the big G doing something wonderful to make us happy 😀


  7. I can smell Google PR update too…. And I wish it happens soon.

    And yes I totally agree, many low-quality blogs with unoriginal and copied content are ranking above those blogs which are created with hard work and lots of research. I really want google to do something about them 🙁

  8. We must do something to kick out these keywords stuffers and low quality Bloggers, They are ruining the image of Bloggers who are doing good work.

    I am desperately waiting for a Page Rank update.. COme on Google update it now
    Nishant Srivastava recently posted…Comment on The Lunchbox (Dabba) Movie Review by Jignesh RathodMy Profile

  9. Guys, it won’t take too long to see some results, don’t worry. Just do your daily tasks and the result will come for sure.

  10. I think Google should KEEP PR, but they should only count back links from sites that get over 20,000 hits every month. That would really cut down on the unnatural spam links that are unnaturally obtained or paid for. Google should see this comment and take note. If they also combined time spent on sites for credible links that would also be great!
    A recent article worth sharing on PR updating is below.
    It states that PR may be determined by the time spent on an outgoing link? Is this true?

  11. Google will almost certainly do something bizarre. And then spend the next few months rolling back!
    Fiona Maclean recently posted…An introduction to the Alentejo, PortugalMy Profile

  12. Am keenly/waiting for the next page rank update. My site is 5 months old and i expect it to be ranked by google on the next PR update.Thanks sor sharing the info.


  13. I also see sudden changes in the ranks. Perhaps update is knocking at our door guys.
    I heard that PR actually affects CPC I am eager to see if it turns out legit.

  14. As I have noticed, there will be a slight traffic increase (5-6%) just before the Google PR update and after the update it will show the true colors – i.e. usually a fall in traffic.

  15. I thinki read somewhere that Matt Cutts of Google is saying there will be no pagerank update this year 2013.

  16. The update came yesterday!