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VoIP Consulting

VoIP developers are builders. Whatever your business needs, we can construct it, from the ground up. But first we need a blueprint. Calliotel works with clients to discover precisely what they are looking to achieve and how software can best meet those needs.

Why such a collaborative process?

Because we believe in doing it right the first time. The more we understand the requirements of the task ahead of us, the better equipped we will be to work out all of the custom-designed details in the final needs. While many companies will list for you the different platforms and vendors they develop in–and yes, we do it all–it’s not technology that guarantees successful results. What matters most is listening to clients, knowing how to efficiently develop within a budget, and ultimately custom designing solutions that are both flawless and intuitive. Our experienced team of consultants and developers will design what you need, implement it, test it, and even maintain it. From building VoIP systems to modifying source codes to creating phone applications, we’ll make sure that what we do works for you.



We have expertise in developing distributed Kamailio/OpenSIPS systems for both small businesses and large corporate deployments. We specialize in providing high-level Kamailio/OpenSIPS Support to customers with standard implementations and highly customized Kamailio/OpenSIPS Solutions. VoIP implementations using Kamailio/OpenSIPS lend flexibility to custom CRM integration, Call Center Integration, and automated bulk calling systems that are capable of sending thousands of phone calls per second. Our consultants are here to help you build your custom solution. If you are going to use Asterisk, Yate, Freewitch, OpenSIPS or Kamailio, then we can help you out!


Custom Kamailio, OpenSIPS development, custom scripting

Help implementing CALEA solutions for Opensips/Kamailio, Asterisk and Freeswitch


Large-scale SIP deployments

High-availability / Resilient infrastructures

Multi-lateral peering – Global solutions

NAT traversal / Media proxies

MVNO solutions

Assistance with SS7 interconnections

You can choose support options and available blocks here


Please note that the support service is prepaid. The refund policy only applies to the unused hours of your support subscription.

Emergency Support Services

We provide “round-the-clock” 24×7 service and support, 365 days a year. When your business needs support, we’re here to help. Our professional staff work throughout the night to troubleshoot, repair, restore, and bring online your critical systems We offer critical systems and “need” support for Asterisk, Freeswitch, Kamailio and OpenSIPS. Problems cannot always be anticipated, and this is where we jumps into action. When your systems are at their worst, our staff is at their best. We responds to all requests for support on a best-effort response. For customers requiring a guaranteed response time, Calliotel enters a Service Agreement (SLA) with response times guaranteed.

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Voice over IP solutions for Opensips, Kamailio, Asterisk and Freeswitch
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