Opensips Asterisk integration

A growing system…..currently at about 300 call center staff, running about 2500 calls per hour. Gearing up to double that. You are unsure about that a single server will support that growth. You trying to come up with ways to scale the system and still maintain a simplistic design. So you’d like to bounce some ideas around. This is why you reading this post I guess 🙂 So let’s see […]

How to install MediaProxy on CentOS

How to install MediaProxy on CentOS

Okay, today I’ll show you how to install Mediaproxy on CentOS. The installation is pretty straightforward, so anyone can have MediaProxy up and running from stratch within 15 minutes. So let’s see how to install MediaProxy on CentOS. Fasten your seatbelt, and let’s begin the installation 🙂 Make sure that you have RPMForge repo added. If not you can find the instructions here. Let’s see the necessary packages what you will […]

How to install OpenSIPS on CentOS

We can help you installing OpenSIPS on CentOS, but if you would like to install it by yourself, here you can find a way that should help. Let’s see the way how you can install OpenSIPS on CentOS. All software dependencies can be installed via yum, if you going to use several modules with OpenSIPS, then the packages are depends on the modules what you intend to use from OpenSIPS. […]