BYOB – Tomorrow’s Communication Tool

BYOB – Tomorrow’s Communication Tool

Computers have connected us all in previously unimaginable ways, enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to collaborate more effectively regardless of their location. What used to require an entire office to accomplish can now be down from laptops and mobile devices, and the right software tools.
Though as a species we’ve come a long way toward replacing the traditional workplace with programs and plugins like Skype, Google Docs, eFax, GoToMeeting, and countless other invaluable tools, an enormous amount of disparity, redundancies, and inefficiencies still exist in the way we work online. As it is now, the burden falls on every individual to discover, install, and learn to use every individual tool required to complete specific tasks online.

The Opportunity

We knew there had to be a way to consolidate the many methods people use to communicate meaningfully on the Internet. Our new web browsing technology is a complete all-in-one telecommuting and digital collaboration platform, which requires zero additional external plugins, programs, or training to instantly begin using.
Imagine being able to log on to any computer or mobile device equipped with our browser and instantly share documents live, hold audio or video conferences and meetings in full 1080p or ultra 2160p quality (which can be recorded and shared with other team members), send faxes or text messages, call phones, or share screens. You only need a webcam and microphone, hardware that already comes standard on almost every desktop, tablet or phone, nothing else! Totally platform independent, you can use Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc. Two browsers can talk eachother 🙂

Moving Forward

Our all-inclusive system is a major leap forward in simplifying the world of mobile communications, and it significantly lowers the barrier to entry for anyone looking to get involved in the online life. We know that the future of business lies in increased mobile communication, and we plan to be a prominent vehicle for bringing current businesses and their teams further down this path. We need your monetary contribution to make this vision a reality and start connecting users across the globe more easily than ever before. By investing in us, you are making a more efficient world for everyone, and enabling the freedom to live and work without restrictions on location.

BYOB – Tomorrow’s Communication Tool

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