Building a Flawless Ecommerce Site by Avoiding Possible Pitfalls

Building a Flawless Ecommerce Site by Avoiding Possible Pitfalls

Building an ecommerce site can be a lucrative opportunity for a business. The ability to reach the worldwide market round the clock can help your business attain success. The question is – it is really that easy to come up with an ecommerce site design? It isn’t.

It is true that it is easier to work when the hassles that affect a brick and mortar store, such as renting space, employing people, paying for the utilities, and so on, are absent. But there is more to an ecommerce site than an online catalogue and a shopping cart.

If you are planning to create such a site, it is the right time to acquire an idea about the possible pitfalls. Once you are aware of them, you can avoid them and come up with a flawless ecommerce site design.

Pitfall 1

Lack of product particulars and pictures. Suppose a customer goes to a store to pick up a cocktail dress. They can see, touch, feel and even try it. This isn’t possible when they shop online. Lack of proper images is another drawback.

For a cocktail dress, offer details such as the sizes, colors, materials, cuts, and fits. Add a size guide that suits similar products. If possible, be descriptive. Add details about the designer or the lineup and numerous good quality images to create interest.

Pitfall 2

Lack of credibility. If your site doesn’t display contact information, it doesn’t come across as a trustworthy business. People are still wary of shopping online. And they feel especially nervous when they aren’t sure about the existence of the company.

Put your contact details somewhere easy to find. This will assure customers that they have a place to go to if there is a problem with their purchase. The more expensive or technical your products, the more important this becomes.

Pitfall 3

Lack of ease of use. A customer may feel frustrated if the site is too difficult to navigate, the products aren’t organized under relevant categories and the absence of a search feature. You need to pay attention to each element to avoid this problem.

Ease of navigation is essential to make sure the customer stays on your site. If finding a product is too difficult, they won’t bother about it. You need to organize products under appropriate categories. And make sure there is a search box to find a product directly.

Pitfall 4

Lack of a curt and crisp checkout course. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. How will you feel if you have to go through a lengthy and confusing checkout process to buy something? Chances are that you will just leave the site.

Remember, the checkout process isn’t a hurdle race. Make it short and specific. In the first page, let them check their order and enter their billing and shipping information. In the second, make them confirm their order and submit it for processing.

P.S. Don’t ask potential customers to create an account before they can shop from you. It just adds another impediment on the way. Instead, ask them to save the details after they have completed the process to ease it the next time they shop from you.

Pitfall 5

Lack of a convenient shopping cart design. Can customers add multiple items to the cart? Can they remove some items from the cart? Can they change some items with others? Your design needs to be flexible to accommodate these necessities.

Make sure your shopping cart offers each of these options. Also, make sure the customers can return to the page they were on after they add an item to the cart. Or, even better, use a mini cart to do this while the shopper can stay on the same page.

P.S. Also, don’t confine payment options to one or two. People may leave your site just because they don’t have a Visa Card. Expand your acceptability with payment options such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, e-checks, and so on.

Pitfall 6

Lack of relevant details. Does your site spell out the shipping charges? For customers, it is essential to have a clear idea of how much they need to pay before they confirm the order. Make sure you offer a detail of the shipping charges that apply.

Also, many ecommerce websites forget to include the return and refund, shipping and such other policies. Create a FAQ section to add these details. They will help you stay ahead in case of problems with unhappy customers.

Pitfall 7

Lack of appropriate focus. It is necessary to have an attractive site. But don’t forget, your site doesn’t need to be the focal point, your products do. Make sure they form the center of attraction on the site.

Also, group related products so as to encourage up and cross sales. Suppose you sell designer dresses. Offer a view of accessories that go with the dresses. It will encourage a customer to buy them along with the dress.

Use your knowledge and experience to create an ecommerce site that works.

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