5 Ways in Which Cloud Computing is Helpful to Call Centers

5 Ways in Which Cloud Computing is Helpful to Call Centers

Right from the time cloud computing incepted, it is being used by various business organizations all across the globe, to increase the productivity and efficiency of their business process. It is also working as a great tool for revenue generation and increasing customer satisfaction rate.

Call center industry is also being influenced with this evolving technology. Five ways are being discussed here to specify that how cloud computing could be helpful for this industry.

Eliminating the Complicated Traditional Physical Set-ups

As cloud computing facilitates complete application set-up in a virtual environment with the help of internet, so organizations are not confined to work with complex and wired traditional on-site set-ups. Now, cloud can dynamically update the customer information and this helps in decreasing the response time.

Since, the entire set-up is available on clouds, call center employees can work from anywhere using any mobile device. This can help in confiscating several unforeseen issues and hence satisfying the customers.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Call center firms can easily develop a disaster recovery plan with the help of cloud computing, as entire system is hosted on clouds. Triggers to control the entire system are placed in multiple data centers located at different geographical locations. Due to different geographical location entire system remains safe, as the replication of data is maintained at different locations.

In case of disaster, call centers can allow their employees to work from their homes. As, the entire system including the data centers are managed by the cloud service providers, so it goes easy for call centers to access the entire system in unmanageable situations.

Minimizing Extra Expenditure

It is obvious that maintaining the traditional system for call centerswas quite expensive. Cloud computing has presented a terrific way to reduce the upfront cost by providing a suitable option to shift the entire calling set-ups on the clouds.

Call centers just have to pay only that much amount to their service providers that is in accordance with the services consumed by them. In case they have to scale up the system then they have to pay the charges according to their scaled infrastructure.


Now the traditional system has changed and most of the customers using several online strategies to express their issues and concerns. These strategies can help out to raise the customer issues and complaints on social platformssuch as Twitter and Facebook. Crowdsourcing model provides a solution towards the customers’ telephone queries in timely fashion with the help of certain applications such as Sales force’s Service cloud 2. It helps in generating a well-managed feedback system in the cloud environment and hence enabling the call center firms to maintain their service quality.

Ensuring Data Security

Using cloud hosting, call center firms can stay confirmed with the security of their data. As everything gets managed by the cloud service providers with detailed back-up, so call centers don’t have to worry about the security of their data. Data back-up created at the certified data centers at several geographical locations ensures the entire data security along with recovery option within a short span of time. This can help the firms to retain the data as and when needed and facilitate the customers according to their queries.

In gist, you can say that cloud hosting/computing offers inappropriate communication channel that can help the call centers to provide more responsive and fast customer services according to their demands.


Today, call centers are not the only ones, those are gaining huge benefits from cloud Technology, but with every passing day of its propagation, it is extending its arms towards offering great advanced options to a wide range of other industries as well. Nowadays, application softwares, tax softwares are hosted rigorously over the cloud. For example: Quickbooks cloud hosting is one such popular example.

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