5 Last Minute Gifts For Your Techie

5 Last Minute Gifts For Your Techie

Christmas is days away and you’re squeezing in some last minute Christmas shopping. You’ve found gifts for nearly everyone on your list, but you haven’t found the right gift for your loved one who loves technology. What do you do? You can’t just throw any old electronic device into the shopping cart, wrap it in paper, and stick it under the tree—it needs to be perfect. Here are 5 gifts that won’t have you worrying about your relationship.

Sound System

Anyone can make use of an updated sound system, whether it’s for their home or their vehicle, and if you’re techie happens to be an audiophile, buying a sound system really is the perfect gift. It could be a nice stereo system they can keep in their entertainment center in the living room or den, hooked up to the speakers placed around the room. Or maybe you could get that CD player for their car you know they’ve always wanted but never asked for.

Whatever you get, just make sure it’s compatible with different electronic devices. You don’t want to purchase a CD player that doesn’t have an auxiliary jack, because then your friend won’t be able to play anything from an outside source, like their MP3 player. The more compatible the sound system you purchase is, the more your techie will appreciate it.

Rear Seat Entertainment

I know it seems like all cars already have an entertainment system built-in, and most new cars do, but if your techie drives an older model, they might not have a nice system to entertain the passengers sitting in the backseat.

Now, if they’re backseat is piled high with junk, you don’t have to worry about an entertainment system, because they don’t routinely have passengers sitting in the backseat. But if they have children or make a habit of chauffeuring their young nieces or nephews, they’ll use it. All you have to do is provide them with the portable DVD player and the small screens that attach to the back of the front seat’s headrests.


Is your techie a poor college student, unable to afford cable? A Roku is perfect for that demographic (or anyone else who doesn’t have cable). Roku is a digital media player that you can connect to different channels and stations. Some of those channels are free, like certain weather channels, PBS, and Disney. Other channels are streaming sites that require subscriptions, like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Most people nowadays have a Netflix account, though—or they know someone else to piggyback off of—so that’s not an added cost. Your friend will be able to set the Roku up specifically for them and the channels they prefer to watch. In total, it’ll cost far less than cable or a satellite dish would.

Tracking Watches

Watches are more than just time-keeping pieces, and if your techie could use a little help behind the wheel, a tracking watch could be perfect. These watches track the wearer and their vehicle, keeping tabs on not only personal things like heart rate and temperature, but also the car’s fuel consumption and speed.

They dial into the conditions of the road ahead, alerting the wearer to accidents, ice, or construction—which is something any driver can appreciate. And if your friend has a problem remembering when to take their car in for maintenance every few months, the watch can even keep track of that.

Wireless Smartphone Photo Printer

Maybe your friend loves to snap pictures on their smartphone. The pictures could be funny pictures of friends sleeping in cars, or pictures of a day spent with their niece. It’s easy enough to upload pictures to Facebook or other social media sites, but there’s a good chance your friend would like something more permanent. Maybe the walls of their apartment are bare, or maybe their cubicle at work could use a picture or two. All they need is a way to get the pictures off the smartphone and into a frame.

Fortunately, you can give them the easy printer they need to accomplish it. All they’ll need to do is download an app to connect to the printer, and then they’re set to print. The pictures are high-quality photos that anyone would love to put up around their living space.

Finding the right gift for your techie doesn’t have to be harder than staying on the nice list. Cross that last name of your list by buying one of these great gifts, and start spreading the holiday cheer!

Eloise Hamilton studied political science and now writes primarily about politics and thought, and her other love—cars. She loves shopping around for cars and frequents sites like Best Ride. Aside from cars and Congress, her interests include photography and cooking.

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