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An Ultra-Responsive VoIP Customer Selfcare portal for Opensips/Kamailio. It can be used with Asterisk too, as a multi tenant Asterisk GUI.
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Everything can be configured through the portal, since all settings are stored in a MySQL table. The portal framework is highly customisable.
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Well coded admin interface for Opensips/Kamailio. It's easy to change anything to fit to your corporate identity.
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Intuitive admin UI, everything is just one click away from the system administrator!
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Searchable, sortable and printable tables for browsing the call detail records, calling rates, faxes and so on. The requested information is just 1 click away from the customer!
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Inbuilt private messaging system and trouble ticketing to help customers contacting your staff and solving problems. There are multiple access levels defined in the framework, from subscriber and firstline support to general staff members!

Custom Opensips + Asterisk configuration, plus an eye catching frontend with an admin backend at an affordable price?

Do you need a custom solution? Tell us how we can help!

Calliotel VoIP Consulting

According to your needs


Great professionals and real experts on their field. They knows what they are talking about, and helped define the best solution - not just implementing. Real easy to work and communicate with - would definitely consider them for other jobs in this field.

We know what we're doing because we've been doing it for a long time. And we're good at it, too. As a team, we bring over eighty years of industry-acquired expertise to the table. VoiP System Engineers, VoIP Software Developers, programmers, brand consultants, and technical support specialists. At Calliotel, you'll find it all, done well.
Why deal with multiple companies, when you can work with one? At Calliotel, we cover everything from consulting and engineering to wholesale call routing and VoIP support. Whatever a VoIP business needs, we can provide.
We're skilled at what we do, but what we really want is to learn from you. For every project, we make it our mission to work with you, to grow with you, and to assist you so that the end product isn't just what you get, it's exactly what you wanted.
Why choose us?
At Calliotel, we offer our clients the very best in service, expertise, and support. Passionate about our work and dedicated to producing innovative, customized solutions for every business we collaborate with, our results speak for themselves. But while our talents are diverse, and our specialties many, our formula for success and longevity is simple: Discover the need. Create the product. Apply it. And evolve. For every project, with every client, we are challenged to see things differently, through a renewed perspective, ensuring that our body of work is always original, inspired, and exceptional.

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Voice over IP solutions for Opensips, Kamailio, Asterisk and Freeswitch
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